Skin Love

  The Importance of Contact During the First Year of Life

Barbara Bonci combines past knowledge with recent research techniques and theories to enhance the long and wonderful tradition of baby massage, discussing fundamental topics concerning massage and contact with the child.

During the first year of life in the attachment process with his mother, the child uses all his developing senses to communicate his needs, so he begins to experiment with important social and emotional skills thanks to the mirroring with the parent. The child needs to be recognized and valued through the eyes and especially through the mother's hands. In this context, which sees the skin as a "psychological envelope" of the child, fits the practice of baby massage, an ancient family art in many parts of the world.

Thanks to pioneers like Frederick Leboyer and Eva Reich, in the last 40 years this exercise has reached us, becoming more and more a daily habit of mothers and children.

The main goal of baby massage is to strengthen the link and harmony already existing between parents and children and to contribute to the creation of a contact especially in those cases in which children and parents have been physically separated immediately after birth.

The massages described in the book will be performed with extreme delicacy to encourage the loving encounter between the child and those who take care of him.