No Cost Baby Grow up

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Less Objects and More Affection for Growing up Happy from Early Childhood Until the Threshold of Adolescence
Toys, clothes, schoolbags, pencil cases and school stuff; sport classes and lessons, playstations and smartphones, birthday parties and gifts for friends and school mates… How many expenses are we expected to afford during childhood?

On the other hand, none of us would let his sons miss anything. For a son only the best. But what is the best for a child? It comes again the same question that had been the starting point of the best-seller Bebè a costo zero (No cost baby), the guide to critical consumption for new and future parents that has helped thousands families in avoiding unnecessary costs, without making their infants to miss absolutely anything. Just the opposite…

Now, with this book, the focus switches to older children, starting from the age of two until the threshold of adolescence.
This title will help you to understand and satisfy their needs, with many suggestions to play, cooking, having fun and having parties costlessly! With the opinions of psychologists, pediatricians, pedagogists and many parents.