Welcome Little Brother, Welcome Little Sister

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How to Welcome the Newborn and Foster Positive Sibling Relationships

When you are expecting a baby and your family is expanding, a new equilibrium between parents and kids is to be found. How to help your eldest child happily and positively cope with changes? How to fulfil your kids' needs when the new baby is born and siblings' ages are different? How to foster positive sibling relationships during childhood?
In this book, useful tips and suggestions to help first borns and older brothers or sisters wait for and welcome the newborn are provided, as well as information by psychologists and pedagogists to help overcome problems including regressive behaviour or jealousy.
Some useful tips by gynaecologists and breastfeeding counsellors are also given to mothers still nursing their kids during pregnancy.
Many stories by parents of two, three, four, five or more are also included to prove a simple, profound truth: when you expect a new baby, love multiplies, not divides!
This book celebrates the beauty and intensity of sibling relationship. A brother or a sister is a gift for life.

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