Sing for Me Again!

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Ancient Melodies and Games to Grow Up with Music

How many times did our child play with his voice, sing a melody, express his needs and his desires through the sound of his voice? How many times did he ask us to sing again and again? Maybe during a walk, in the car or before going to sleep. And how many times did we look for songs in our memory or invent new melodies that became a way to express our feelings?

There are songs that excite us, melodies that reach our heart and move us. There are songs that reflect and generate vitality, others complicity, others consolation and others that talk about love. There are songs that simply serve to play and learn. Some melodies are never forgotten and, in the most unexpected moments, they resurface, and we realize that we were always accompanied, ever since we were kids.

In this book you can find a collection of ancient melodies, that were sung and played for centuries, that resonate in us and in our children as the scent of wild flowers, of well-known and frequented paths. It’s a collection of games that were handed by grandparents to us, to play with our children, in pair or with a lot of people. Songs and games with ancient stories that were shielded by time, that here are commented by parents, by experts of music, pedagogists and paediatricians, who can help children and parents to find their origin and put down vital, joyful and musical roots in our modern world.

Simple games and melodies accessible to all fathers and mothers, even for those who believe to be out of tune, and for all people who want to play with children in a spontaneous and creative way.

Here I am, sing for me again!