Dear Mother

Ideas for a Conscious Motherhood
From the delicate pen of Elena Balsamo this little book is born: a collection of works, each one dedicated to the theme of motherhood, that winds along the lines of poetry and epistolary relationship to create an inner space of dialogue between mother and baby.

There’s a lot of questions to which this volume aims to answer: what does it mean to be a mother, in its most sacred essence? And, in the meantime, how does a baby lives the prenatal experience and the birth? And how the attachment to the mother influences the behaviour and the relationships in his adult life? Because everyone is the child of his own mother and with this fundamental relationship we have to come to terms. Yes, because the mother is the Origin and we can’t proceed easily on our own path if we can’t make peace with our mother, with our roots.

This is a book dedicated to every son and daughter facing the difficult process of elaborating their own personal story, but mostly a tribute to all mothers that do or have done the most important job in the world. And, last but not least, this is a gift to all women preparing to become mothers, so they can do so in full awareness...