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How Adults and Children Together Can Help Each Other Recover
The best-selling author of I’m here with you and Freedom and love, after discussing mothering and education, in this last book is dealing with health, from her original and personal perspective.
According to her personal experience of paediatrician and “patient”, Elena Balsamo provides the reader with a clear view of alternative therapeutic tools available to families and especially to the mother-baby couple, but also with many considerations about the meaning of illness and on the message of symptoms, with the aim of transforming pain and suffering into a chance of evolution.

Because – and this is the revolutionary message of this book – children’s health depends on their parants’ one: young children get sick mostly because they reflect adults’ pending issues.
Children need no drugs to be healthy and happy: they need parents who can deeply change themselves, facing suffering and healing the wounds of their souls, which are the actual cause of every illness and discomfort.

So, this is not an holistic health handbook for parents, providing prepackaged recipes, but a real remedy-book with the mission of inviting to reflect and wake up, to dare and to play, a book that touches hearts and helps to find your own essence, to develop your own resources, to make your talents bloom, allowing children to become who they are meant to be… there’s no other way to recover.