CORONAVIRUS Covid-19. No! Everything did not turn out fine

  No! Everything did not turn out fine

Constantly repeated, displayed on balconies alongside with a good luck rainbow, the “Everything will be fine” slogan has expressed millions of Italians’ fear, hope and pride. In this volume the authors asses the result of the choices made to fight the pandemic, which has mainly involved old people already affected by chronic and preexistent conditions. 
They were the natural victims of a quarantine imposed to all Italy.
Many seniors didn’t die because they went out, they ironically died because they didn’t, because they stayed in 24/7 with people who could have potentially infected them, significantly increasing the possibilities of contamination. This did not happen just in the houses, in private properties, but also in the retirement homes and even in the hospitals, in all those small spaces that have proved to be the virus’ real incubation center and that the quarantine has made even more dangerous. 
The obligation to wear masks and gloves in order to have access to shops, the sanitizations of surfaces, are reviewed in the light of the latest scientific findings, coming to the conclusion that: “No! Everything did not turn out fine!”.