Growing Up with Bach Flower

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From the Birth to the Adolescence
Discovered in the Thirties by the English doctor Edward Bach, Bach Flowers are a constantly expanding natural therapy and now they are widely used in the studies of doctors, psychologists, naturopaths. However, Bach's initial intent was to extend the use of this revolutionary method of body and soul care not only to specialists, but to all those who need it. In fact, their mode of action is sweet, non-invasive and, above all, side-effects free. For this reason they are particularly well suited for the child care, even for newborns.

Bach Flowers represent not only an invaluable aid to deal in the best possible all the fundamental steps of development from weaning to puberty, but also to handle emotional or physical stress related to particular events such as the birth of a brother, a family crisis, exams, etc. Furthermore, Bach Flowers afford to rebalance strong feelings (fears, anger, anxiety, distrust) and disharmonious personality traits.

After years of experience and use of flower essences on children, Beatrice Castelli writes this book to allow parents and people involved in childcare to know and use this brilliant and simple method to solve the small and big problems that afflict children everyday. Reading this book you will learn to know, step by step, the characteristics of each floral remedy and the key symptoms to identify it. Finally, you will learn how to create a mixture suitable for your child and set and control a flower therapy.