You're Spoiling Her!

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Cultural Prejudices vs Your Baby's Indefeasible Needs

There exists many books about mothering, which are usually written in the form of guides for parents and kids proposing magical recipes for happiness.

This book suggests no one-size-must-fit-all methods, but is addressing to unique parents who intend to get personally involved with childraising and make free, informed and autonomous decisions.

This book also suggests to focus on each family's characteristics and right to educate their own children without bias and cultural prejudices, according to their own heart and instincts.

Today's society is actually imposing paces and spaces based on major production and consuption needs rather than our babies' real needs for affection and nurturing. Our kids are growing up in an adult-centered world which is often ignoring them: adults want children to get quickly self-reliant, independent and mature, asking them not to bother by suppressing their own instincts and capacity to express their needs since the earliest moments of their lives.

This book explores every child's basic and universal needs and goes through many issues, including breastfeeding, infant and baby sleep, need for touch and proximity, as well as the most effective ways of communicating with your baby.

The author's aim is to set parents, nurturing and raising their kids according to unconditional love and affection as the major element of their mutual relationship, definitively "free"; she also draws to rich bibliographical resources revealing recent neuroscientific discoveries and research on the physiology of pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding, and showing, in a clear, simple way, how parents' response to their kids' basic emotional needs is not at all spoiling them. Quite the reverse, it is an indefeasable legacy which may be physically and emotionally beneficial to your kids later in their lives.

Alessandra Bortolotti is a perinatal psychologist specialising in neo-natal care and physiology of pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. She writes for parenting magazines, web sites as well as scientific issues, and also for her own web site - She is also holding after birth meetings in Florence area, where she lives with her husband and their two little girls