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Thoughts, Experiences, Ideas for Greater Awareness and Orientation More Sustainable

Today, ecology is a very trendy issue: there is a lot of talk about washable nappies, biodegradable bags, separate collection, organic food, which are sometimes considered exclusive choices for people with lots of money and time.
Actually, giving our children a cleaner and healthier Planet is now an emergency implying a concrete change.
Virtuous relationships among families based on critical consumption and eco-friendly habits can foster a gradual change in personal and domestic hygiene, home construction and money spending.
This books provide a number of useful tips to be cheaply green, teach your children how to respect the Planet and adopt environmentally friendly habits with other families.
It also gives you some advice for your shopping, self-production, creative play, holidays, waste collection.
Experiences of people concretely turning to a new, non radical ecology are described in each chapter, witnessing that a real change starts from little things. If you think big, you may never start.

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