School Emergency

Our children’s ignored needs during the health crisis
The global health crisis made us question not only our everyday life and our constitutional rights, but also the children’s and teenagers’ needs and rights. School, relationships, playing with peers, outdoor life, serenity, freedom, joy, the possibility to touch and hug each other, they all went missing. 
After the long-forced quarantine, going back to school turned from the already fragile national educational system into an healthcare facility, ruled by strict regulations that have nothing to do with learning and growth.
How all of this influenced the kids’ and the children’s overall health?
How much was their emotional, cognitive and social development affected?
Which risks are they facing?
Which emotions are playing a factor in this period of crisis?
Which effects will have this never seen before scenario on their psychological health and on their future?
How can we help them?
How can we defend our health, our balance and our values?
Which resources are available for teachers and parents?