The secrets of Montalbano cuisine

Recipes by Andrea Camilleri

An investigation on the gastronomic universe of Andrea Camilleri, expressed through his eminent character: inspector Montalbano, gluttonous and affected by an everlasting huge “pittito” (appetite).
For him, food is the main object of desire and it must be conquered at all costs; but the secrets of the delicious meals are kept by others: the “cammarera” (waitress) Adelina, Calogero, Enzo.

The recipes are unveiled within these juicy pages to taste in silence and loneliness, with a joyful heart and free mind, as well as Montalbano does when he sits to enjoy his favourite meals.
The result is an inviting anthology, just like a well-set table, with food and meal recalling taken from the childhood memories of Camilleri in Sicily.

Extended and updated edition.

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