Natural Hygiene and Cosmetics

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How to Produce your Household, Baby and Family Hygiene Products
Parents' instinct to protect their baby and prevent all dangers can start a real war against germs and bacteria. More and more aggressive detergents invade households. Kitchens turn into sterilisation centres. Baby bathing and changing is made with military rigour. However, if industrial cosmetics and detergents made of very dangerous ingredients for you and the environment are used, such rigour may be useless and even dangerous.

Interest towards natural hygiene has been growing up in the last few years. This is why many cosmetic and detergent manufacturers propose “natural” and “eco-friendly” products, which – however – are often the same as ordinary products.

In this book you can find useful tips and information on how to read a list of cosmetic ingredients, gently clean and moisturise your baby's skin and sanitise your household in a quick, cheap, natural and eco-friendly way. A number of recipes for producing ecological and organic cosmetics and detergents using a few, simple ingredients are also available.