Home Birth

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To Be Born in the Intimacy of the Family, in a Natural Way
Today most deliveries happen in a hospital, and in 40% of them a cesarian section is performed. Lately, however, more and more women wish to take the lead in their childbirth, in an atmosphere of intimacy and confidence, to live their motherhood more like a personal expression of their potential and less like a passively endured event.

In this book about home birth, a choice that in Italy is object of opposition, prejudice and taboos, Elisabetta Malvagna inquires this practice with reporter insight and without any preconceptions, supporting her findings with the wide documentation present in scientific literature.
Coming from her own experience as a mother of two home-born children, the author reports data, statistics and numerous personal accounts by experts in the field and moms who made this choice.

However, this is not just a book about home birth; the author also expresses a deeper reflection on women conditions and childbirth in modern society.
Furthermore, a lot of practical advice is provided to better face this extraordinary milestone in a woman’s life.
Finally, the book contains a small manual about breastfeeding, a 'survival guide' to pregnancy, delivery and post-partum, and a few chapters about the role of  the midwife.

The introduction was written by the singer Giorgia, who delivered her little Samuel at home.
The preface was written by Verena Schmid, internationally known obstetrician, author of many books and head of the Scuola Elementare di Arte Ostetrica in Florence.