The pleasure of handwriting

Physiology and pedagogy of writing, prevention of dysgraphia
Handwriting goes back to ancient times, it travelled along with societies and symbolises knowledge, means of communication and self-expression. It is individual and unique, a result of mental and cognitive abilities.
However, its value is today discussed due to the massive use of word processing and new generational graphics are more and more useless because of the impoverishment of manual skills. It’s time to reconsider handwriting in all its functions and beauty.

The pleasure of handwriting is addressed to anyone who desires to reconsider handwriting in order to rediscover its charm, and to educators and parents who have the delicate task to teach children it.
The book, rich in exercises and graphics in the pedagogical and educational field, aims at offering to pre-school and primary school’s teachers the right tools and methodologies to prepare the graphic act for block and cursive writing. This aims at helping the acquisition of free, clear and harmonious graphics and the prevention of impaired writing disabilities.

Simona Cassarino offers to parents and educators lots of preparatory activities to the graphic act and activities for basic skills’ development through games. She addresses the issues of handwriting, dysgraphia and its prevention and considers the obstacles for those who have writing difficulties.

So that handwriting may be a useful, functional, expressive, wonderful tool for each of us, today and tomorrow.