A Guide for Parents and Teachers: Theory, Treatments and Games

As dyslexia is still and too often seen as a major social, learning disability, a special book illustrating symptoms, medical and teaching tools and how to correctly understand such an emphasised – or else underestimated – problem was needed and conceived.

This book aims to eliminate all labels and commonplaces through a clear, well-framed analysis of dyslexia and its underlying reading processes, including language processes, perceptual and visual processes and attentive processes (and the interaction thereof); as no two dyslexics are alike.

The key word here is “training” just like attending a mental training ground. That is why this book is also providing a series of recreational and amusing reading exercises including images, stories and hand activities which are all involved in the preparatory process.


Eva Benso was born in 1980 and graduated in graphic arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Turin. She also specialised in cognitive habilitation of SLA (Specific Learning Disabilities) affected patients.

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