Montessori Pedagogy and New Technologies

A Possible Integration?
Maria Montessori’s method and ideas aren’t something tied to 19th century, something old and dusty. And the little amount of technology in her schools is not due to a refolding on the past.

However, under the guide of people who studied montessorian ideas, we will find out that everything done in schools and every material used have strong scientific basis. In fact, Maria Montessori, who was a doctor and experimental scientist, discovered some functions of babies’ brains that are being confirmed by science right now. And montessorian approach to technologies in critical ages of children is built upon this basis: an approach that prepares babies to a world where technologies are going to be increasingly pervasive.

We will finally see how the Montessori project allows to include new technologies in the educational process, helping and not hindering the development of the future inhabitants of our world.

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