The Tenderness Revolution

Raising Children with a Gentle Guide
The gentle guide is not always to be perfect and not always to be condescending: it is to place ourselves to our children with honesty and respect for their integrity, to choose to be rather than to know how to do, to walk through the stormy sea of emotions and cross it, together with them, with empathy, and use these emotions as a guide to understand and reconcile the needs of everyone.

Making the child sure about his feelings and sensations, welcoming his perception even when he does not collide with ours, helping him to broaden his vision of things and include the wider one of society is the way to grow whole individuals, who will be able to critically assess what life proposes to them, and therefore, to fully express their potential.

Beyond the wrong choice between authoritarianism and laxity, in the education of children there is a third way: that of kindness.
Through a kind presence, a honest and respectful dialogue, listening to their feelings and needs, without renouncing their role as guides, adults can accompany children to become integral, empathic individuals, with a solid emotional base and the ability to interact with others and the environment around them, making the world better.