All Mothers Have Milk But Me!

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Some Useful Tips, Thoughts and Experiences About Breastfeeding Failures

All mothers have milk, or so they say. However, in everyday life many women fail at breastfeeding If you wished to nurse your baby but finally chose (or are strongly determined) to bottle feed, this is your book.
Especially if giving up breastfeeding makes you suffer and the last research about breast milk superiority silently hurts you.
This is a book about breastfeeding failure, due to painful nipple fissures, lack of milk, poor baby growth, mother's exhaustion, frustrating attempts and unkind comments.
Reading this book may help you feel better, stop feeling guilty and inadequate and find you are forever and always a good mother. Remember: being a “good mother” does not depend on the number of breast feeds.
Moreover, this book may help you understand what went wrong, why all mothers have milk but you -despite your good intentions and will – and finally reprocess your own experience, accept it and – why not? - happily breastfeed possible next borns.
This is also a useful text for those who succeeded at nursing, to help them better understand the mothers who failed and enhance women solidarity, which can effectively support both breastfeeding and bottle feeding mothers.
A number of mothers' experiences and useful advice by neonatologists, paediatricians, psychologists and breastfeeding consultants are also available.