Will You Read to Me?

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How to Lovingly Interact with Our Kids Through Stories, Fairy tales and Nursery Rhymes

Fairy tales, stories and nursery rhymes are repeatedly red, sung, told, dreamt or made up on the spur of the moment, using your heart and voice, to tell your baby the wondrous story ever: the story of your love for her. What would your baby hear in your tummy? Why is it so important that you read and tell stories to your kids starting from their first months? How can the love for reading be enhanced during the school years? Are classic fairy tales still loved?

Science, experts - children's health care specialists, educators and psychologists - as well as practical information in this book give an answer to all of these questions: story-telling contribution to children's happy and serene development is confirmed by parents' numerous experiences.

When mum or dad read to their kids, they are actually enhancing deep well-being: children fully enjoy narration, but mostly the narrator's exclusive attention. Fairy tales and stories help them understand their world as well as their feelings, emotions and fears.

Book by book, rituals and memories are set and cherished by the child as precious treasures through the years. As he grows up, books will help him communicate with his parents, especially during adolescence, when the love for reading may become a mutual language and a means for getting closer to.

A rich collection of nursery rhymes and lullabies makes this book a complete, precious tool for all parents.