Wonderful Childhood

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From Freud's Lies to the Children's Truth

Wonderful childhood represents a milestone for all those people – parents, educators, lawyers, psychologists, trainers – who, in different ways, deal with childhood and children. It is a book devoted to demolish the black pedagogy meant to be “against the child”, and to create and spread a new culture of childhood that sees children as a treasure to protect and defend. The first half of the book is a harsh critique to Freud and his perverted model of understanding a child’s development. This model is still widespread, is based on “lies” lacking any scientific validity, and therefore  is extremely detrimental for children and their caregivers. The second half, instead, revolves around  the “wonderful truth” about children, scientifically proven facts that show their complete innocence and goodness, and their primary needs: love, protection and appropriate care by their parents. The book does not explain ‘how’ to be a parent, but rather ‘who’ the parent is and which roles parents must play in order to support their children’s positive development.