Montessori: Why Not?

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A Pedadogy for Development. Maria Montessori's Proposition Today, in Italy and in the World
This book represents the milestone in the montessorian studies. It is finally available the fundamental text to anyone who is interested in the life and thought of the Italian pedagogist Maria Montessori.

Her thought and experiences continue to be a model and a source of inspiration for schools and pedagogical enterprises, that go far beyond the Children's Houses.
This essay is a collection of Montessori's writings, accompanied by reports of disciples, friends, scholars and characters of culture. It is a selection of reports of initiatives, realizations and documentation of montessorian schools spread throughout the world and attended by students of different ages.

The common thread of this volume is the pedagogist's ideas, that are marked by an evolutionary order, read and read in their vitality, presented in their design and institutional variations.
The book is edited by Grazia Honegger Fresco, who has taught the educators of the first and early childhood for years, in the name of a montessorian approach enriched by various contributions.

Starting from a well-identifiable corpus of ideas and practices, Honegger Fresco questions on the relationship between theoretical proposal and pedagogical initiative of a doctrine increasingly shared by teachers.