Born Before Time

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How to Worship the Sacredness of Birth and Lovingly Welcome Your Premature Child
This is the new, two-in-one book by Elena Balsamo about perinatology, that is all issues and experiences dealing with childbirth. A spiritual approach to pregnancy, birth and the fist days with your baby – which is quite unusual to health-care professionals, is what makes this book unique of its kind.
As well as its original structure: two distinct, independent texts about “normal” and “problematic” pregnancy and childbirth actually intermingling as in a twin-like relationship, both poetically celebrating the sacred aspects of birth.

In the firs book, easy, non-problematic birth and the first days with the newborn are described, giving an insight into the real essence of motherhood and useful advice on how to worthily welcome your baby.
In the second book, problematic pregnancy and birth – as in the case of premature or traumatic birth – are dealt with, offering a new, hopeful and trustful perspective to parents facing pain and distress, helping them believe in both inner and external change and evolution, as we all can transform ourselves and the world we live in.