Washable Diapers

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Guide to Textile Diapers from Birth to Potty-chair
More and more families are interested in the world of cloth diapers. Parents, and future parents, worried for the strong ambiental impact of trowaway, are paying attention to the value alternatives.

The cloth diapers, in addition to being respectful of the environment, are more comfortable and “healthy” for babies, and definitely a better economic solution.
But how these diapers “work”? How to choose models, sizes and textiles? And also, which kind of precautions are necessary for the washing, drying, and to preserve it in the best way?

This book offers the answer to all the questions related to this subject, and many practical advices for using it with satisfaction. Lots of parents’ statements, the experts’ suggestions, the pediatrician’s advice, and useful suggestions and directions, make this book a precious instrument for those who make the first steps in the joyous and coloured world of the cloth diapers.

With an appendix on DIY to realize on one’s own the diapers of his baby.