Coping with a Pregnancy Loss

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Thoughts and Experiences About Prenatal Loss

No heartbeat. Pregnancy has interrupted. Miscarriage is an overwhelming grief for an expecting mother. A pregnancy loss is a promise of immense joy falling into pieces, along with deep astonishment, disappointment and sorrow. 15 to 25 percent of women have spontanous abortions within the first trimester. In Italy, two percent of pregnancies end in perinatal death each year. This book is ment to answer all the main questions result from the loss of a child during pregnancy or immediately after birth. Why did it happen? Will it happen again? Will I ever be a mother? Are medical check-ups and tests necessary? Why do people not understand my grief ? What about future fathers? How does a man feel about a pregnancy loss? Physical and emotional reactions to miscarriage, as well as all the stages of the grief process are analysed by specialists such as psychologists, ostetricians, gynaecologists and neonatologists, in order to come out from the silence around such “taboo” issues. Dealing with pregnancy loss is an important step to help women overcome their grief, as well as all the people supporting them – partners, relatives, friends and health professionals. Many moving and overewhelming experiences are here provided with by parents who went through a pregrancy loss, in order to lend a helping hand to all women coping with such grief so that they no longer feel alone. 

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