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Breastfeeding Beyond The First Months

Breastfeeding practice is being widely promoted and boosted; that is why a higher number of mothers choose to keep on nursing their babies up to two years or more, according to WHO's recommendations. Breastfeeding a toddler is quite different from nursing a newborn. Yet, updated and consistent information about nursing one to two-year-old babies is hardly available. Mothers breastfeeding their toddlers often suffer from lack of information and support as well as total isolation – being quite difficult for them to share their experience and ideas with other mothers – or even disapproval, narrow-mindedness and obsolete clichés as the one declaring that “milk finally turns to water!”. Who has the right to decide when and why to stop breasfeading? According to what evidences? What is the meaning of prolonged breasfeeding today? What are the outcomes for the mother and father and the baby? Is prolonged breasfeeding responsible for mothers' “slavery” to spoiled, dependent mummy's boys? But above all, why do so many people think they have the right to tell a mother what to do about breasfeeding, whatever circumstance and not being asked? This book provides useful information and advice for mothers who decide to breastfeed their toddlers, as well as many hints for reflection about the meaning of breasfeeding beyond mere nutrition.    It is also a useful tool for health-care professionals, educators and mother-care professionals to more respectfully and empathically operate with mothers and their babies, starting from the specific context, feelings and needs of each and every mother-child pair so as to offer a more effective help. A number of personal experiences and reports about prolonged breastfeeding are also available