I Am Here with You - second edition

4.97 su 5
The Art of Maternage
I am here with you by Elena Balsamo belongs to the "Bambino Naturale" series of books, it is loved by many mothers and fathers and now it is completely new.
The author offers a revisiting of her debut work and presents to the reader a revolutionary point of view on perinatal life and birth.

The first part of the book explores the practice of nurturing with some references to the different cultures and the innate knowledge of motherly care, which turn out to be similar all over the world. The second part is a real excursus through which women live again their own intrauterine experience and childbirth, which are unique and different for everyone. This book is a therapeutic tool dedicated to mothers and fathers, but also to healthcare professionals, to recall the beginning of their own life and change the repetitive schemes that limit it. 

The message of this book becomes still stronger and it let  the reader hope in the certainty that Life always gives us another opportunity.
The book is based on a wide and accurate scientific research, but it is written in simple and poetic language.