All Moms Have Milk

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What Should be Known About Breastfeeding and Bottle-feeding

Breast milk has been feeding human infants since mankind's origins. However, starting from the 20th century, breastfeeding has been dramatically decreasing and replaced by bottle-feeding. Why? And what are the effects on babies and children's psychological and physical health? Is it true that only some "lucky" mothers can breastfeed? Why do so many women erroneously believe their milk is not sufficient or good enough? This book simply and clearly provides answers to questions and doubts about breastfeeding, as well as accurate, well-documented analysis and evidences about infant breastfeeding versus bottle-feeding impact on children's life. Recent and exhaustive recommendations by international institutions and organisations are also quoted, as well as reasons – and interests – behind global advising against breastfeeding. This book is meant for parents and future parents, but also for health professionals, teachers, mothers and infant care professionals and workers, as well as people who intend to have a more healthy, eco-friendly and conscious-consuming approach to child care: breastfeeding is actually natural, accessible, cheap, pleasant and healthy for children, families and for the environment.

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