Vaccination: In Search of the Lower Risk

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Why did my children get vaccinated, while my grandchildren did not
Are all kind of vaccines the same? What is the duration of them? What’s the efficiency? What does it mean “herd immunity”? Is it the same for all of the diseases?

These are some of the multitude of questions answered by Eugenio Serravalle’s book, that meets the necessity of a large number of parents to have a more precise idea about these matter after the hail of statements, stances, ministerial decrees and steps back even from the institution themselves; and all ended, by law imposition, with the introduction of a 10 shots mandatory vaccination.

But the questions, doubts are still there, along with the for and against arguments that a parent would always want to collect, to better understand without any conditioning what is the matter in Italy and all over the world, what data, experiences, cases and direct observation of negative reaction do not emerge from the drug-vigilance and appear to be obscured by the statistics of the large numbers, even if they are still significant on the level of the individual.
A book for parents, but also for whoever wants to learn how to distinguish, apart from the issue of vaccination, what is good for their health from the fake needs constructed by the drugs market and by an inadequate alimentation and lifestyle. In an era obsessed with fake news, this book represents an indispensable reading to learn and apply our critical sense on matters on which we often find ourselves helpless, that is medical and health information spread by press and television.

The Author accompanies the reader in the maze of data and scientific terms with clarity and linearity, dedicating also some of the pages to re-enact his more than thirty-year experience as a pediatrician, which was the starting point for assessing, and sometimes criticizing some of the official thesis.